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Lika Posamari: The eye as it inhales onions
The eye as it inhales onions

About this book

From the author
The eye as it inhales onions is a collection of poems that question and explore themes including identity, self-realisation, the somatic body and intercultural experience. The poems experiment and play with form and structure as they move freely between the real and the surreal.

Poetry came to the author in 2015 after she returned from a period of study in India and this collection includes works from that time through to 2018. The eye as it inhales onions moves along in a wave-like motion as it touches on various states of consciousness and mind, body, spirit connections. The collection is ultimately centered on a woman’s ways of being in and negotiating the world.
Lika Posamari
From the book
Taking my body
with the momentum
as my feet
lightly break
cracking the dry foliage
beneath them
the cicada hum
my music
as I rise and fall
radiating skyward
From 'Seeking'
Lika Posamari
Lika Posamari is a multi-genre emerging woman writer of northern European settler ancestry who loves to write in English and Spanish. While her practice is broad, her ultimate love is poetry as direct communication of spirit.

Lika has a strong commitment to critiquing herself and the world along race, class and gender lines. Her work has appeared on and offline including with Eureka Street, Westerly Magazine, The Red Corner, Kitaab and Rabbit.

She was shortlisted for the Overland Fair Australia Prize 2018 and won the South Coast Writers Centre Power Voice Writing Competition 2016 for ‘Women’ in this collection. She sporadically tweets @LikaPosamari and blogs at

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